Last week’s ESPN the Magazine has a style page on Atlanta Hawks player Joe Johnson. Yvonne Boyd shot the photos and took a minute to tell us how it went down.

Tell me how you got this assignment?

Well, I had shot a few jobs in the past with Runner’s World Magazine and one of the photo editors I worked with there had moved to ESPN. So when the shoot came up in Atlanta I got the call because I had worked with this particular editor in the past. It was a rush job. Got the call Friday end of day and we shot Saturday evening.

Did you get much direction from the magazine?

On this shoot I did get good direction. The writer flew in from LA and was there for the shoot which was great because we were able to make sure the story and the images fit together.

Are you an sports fan? How much research did you do on Joe before the shoot?

I am a sports fan. I’m from Pennsylvania and a big Philadelphia fan. (and yes, Joe agreed Dr. J was an amazing player) I did as much research as I had time for on Joe. I was familiar with how good of a player he is, made sure I knew something about his stats, previous injuries, etc. Also, where he was from, where he went to school, the basics.

Did you get any shots you were proud of but did not make the final edit?

We were able to do two set ups which was great. We were moving quickly though so we could shoot both of them. Most important is having good assistants who know what to do. One less thing I have to worry about especially when you are working with someone well known. Chris Carder helped me out on this.

The shoe closet was just really cool because it was all shoes, had a hardwood floor like a basketball court and had his Nike logo in the floor. He also had a hoop and mirrors all over so it looked twice as big as it was. He designed the closet himself and has a fingerprint sensor so only he can open it.

Joe was a really nice guy and actually gave us more time than I thought we would have.