Leica Lenses (English) from leica camera on Vimeo.

- Leica released a new video showing how their lenses are made (and thus why they are so expensive).

- Thinking about posting your images on Google+? Read this first.

- APhotoEditor writes about the difficulty of copyright when it stretches into the creative realm.

- And speaking of Leica, everyone and their mother seems impressed by the low-cost digital heir to Leica’s rangefinder throne in the Fuji X100. This guy decides to compare it with the legendary M6.

- South by Southeast is a new online magazine that launched a couple weeks ago. It’s subscription only, but at $24/year, it seems like a sweet deal.

- Doug Mills of the NY Times tries shooting video and stills at the same time with his own invention.

- Wanna get more out of your iPhone camera? Wired has a few Instagram hacks.

- If you haven’t heard any mention of Jay Maisel in the past month, you’ve either been living under a rock or you want to avoid a B.S. -induced migraine. Either way, here’s a decent review of what happened.

- A little old, but new to us…brief chat with retoucher Alberto Milazzo over at The Photography Post.