Darren’s Great Big Camera from SULTAN on Vimeo.

- San Francisco photographer Darren Samuelson built a 14×36 camera and lugged the thing out to the wilderness. Nothing like some overkill DIY to make us all feel lazy.

- Atlanta photographer Mary Anne Mitchell is featured over at Burn Magazine.

- Jordan Matter discusses how to shoot your first book cover in 15 minutes.

- The Magnum project, Postcards from America is almost finished. Check it out as they wrap up the two-week tour.

- A street shooter talks about why he switched from digital to film. Read it and weep 5D junkies!

- The British Journal of Photography has an interview with Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn.

- The Rapture date came and went yesterday without an appearance from the big man himself. In honor of another missed apocalypse, here’s some Bad Art of the Rapture.