- Gary Copeland took his Leica M9s to Austin where he photographed SXSW and lived to talk about it.

- Conscientious has a nice talk about photo books.

-Christopher Morris has been in Libya for almost a month shooting for TIME. He shares some of his thoughts and images over at Lightbox.

- “Be creative, on time…and don’t give headaches.” Various photographers give snippets of advice at PhotoShelter’s blog.

- Stephanie C. Roberts is teaching an iPhone photography workshop on Sat. April 30 at the Showcase School of Photography. Make the most of your twitpics and register here.

- Local favorite Gregory Miller updated his site. Swing by and see all the amazing work he’s been up to.

- A while back, someone posted a picture of an abandoned coal mine in Japan and now it has inspired pages of fans who seek an anti-zombie fortress.

- As if the iPhone wasn’t big enough, now you can get a 360º video attachment.

- Of the 180 Guggenheim grants distributed, eight were to photographers.
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