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Happy New Year!

Morel Studio Support wishes everyone a safe and fun New Year’s celebration!  May 2012 be your best year yet.

If you’re planning on heading down to Atlanta’s Peach Drop, here is a cool article with tips to simplify firework photography. Atlanta has a serious need for some quality New Year’s Eve firework pictures.  Insert “Atlanta, New Years Eve, fireworks” into Google Images to see what I mean…hence the photo of a random firework picture above.

Pictures of the Year

Everyone and their mother is posting their top images of 2011. Here’s some of the galleries we’ve enjoyed so far (warning, it’s photojournalism heavy).

- The New York Times


- National Geographic

- TIME’s Lightbox

- Reuters

- Plus, the AJC’s John Spink, Vino Wong and other staff photographers share their best Atlanta images of the year.

Jamey Guy in Atlanta Magazine

There are some nice images in this month’s Atlanta Magazine with an emphasis on schools, but we like the spread on South Georgia olive farms by Jamey Guy.

Check out the issue on stands now for some additional photography from Alex Martinez, Darren Braun, Caroline Kilgore, Greg Dupree and Chris Martin.

Be Inspired

The winning photo of Nat Geo’s 2011 photography contest taken by Shikhei Goh. Click here to see the runners-ups. Could you be next year’s winner?

Photo Round-up

- Photoboth pics from Scott Lowden’s smashing holiday party are posted.

- Photoshelter has a cool interview with Sport Illustrated’s DOP, Steve Fine. You have to register, but it’s free.

- Wired talks about the new Macro-Lens accessory for the iPhone.

- This blogger lists the best Christmas gifts for a Leica owner. Personally, anyone should be proud of camera truck nuts.

how to lose $2400 in 24 seconds from Kurtis Hough on Vimeo.

- We would think twice about setting up your camera so close to the shore.

- Worst Wurst by Slinkachu is uh, an interesting little photo project.

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