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Peter Yang in ESPN Magazine

Peter Yang headed down south last month for an ESPN Magazine gig in North Carolina. He used some of our great Broncolor gear (plus Jason Fobart) to aid him in the cover shoot which is on newsstands now.

The spread looks dope and we snagged a few behind the scenes images of Peter hard at work in Tar Heel country.

Photo Round-up

Mobius from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

- Canon finally put their big ‘ole sensor in a video camera. The newly announced C300 is coming out next year with a $16,000 price tag and is aimed at the serious film market where which Arri and Red have already been competing. Canon video mouthpiece Vincent Laforet shot his new short “Mobius” with the camera, which will accompany a new series of Canon-made cinema lenses.

- PhotoLucida’s Critical Mass Top 50 was announced.

- Here’s an interesting story. Guy and girl get married. Guy doesn’t like wedding photos. Guy and girl get divorced. Guy decides to sue wedding photographer six years later and demand to recreate wedding so photos can be reshot…with now-divorced bride? It got all over the news, but check out the story, which originated in the New York Times.

- In honor of their 50th print, Collect.Give has a new book out featuring 50 of their first photographs. Lightbox and Andrew Hetherington , whose work is featured in the book, talk more about the program and its purpose.

- Leica Rumors has the lowdown about Leica’s new online photography showcases: S-League and the S-Magazine website and iPad app.

- Wired looks at Polaroid’s new Dua, an LED/Hot Shoe Flash combo.

© Sol Neelman
- Portland-based photographer Sol Neelman has been shooting odd sporting events for the past several years. He now has a book out collecting those images. You can also see his most recent shoot, Salt Lake City’s Undie Run.

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