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ACP kicks off with FLUX 2011

FLUX 2010 | Flux Projects from Proper Medium on Vimeo.

Atlanta Celebrates Photography gets going this weekend with FLUX 2011 on Friday night in Castleberry Hill. The show begins at 8pm with a bicycle lantern ride and will feature photo exhibits, puppetry, dancing, and multimedia pieces. It all ends at midnight with molten iron fireworks hosted by our pals over at Elliott Street Pub.

Seriously, if you’re planning on attending, either arrive early or plan on taking Marta (subway to GWCC + 8 min. walk) because the streets will be packed with few options to stow your vehicle.

Since ACP pretty much envelops the city for a few weeks, you’ll need to scan the festival guide to see what’s happening when to stay afloat. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up at some of these fantastic events.

Photo Round-up

- Adobe announces Carousel and answers questions about it on their blog.

- A camera lens falls from the sky and through a roof in California.

- Everyone loves Damon Winter’s construction pictures in last week’s NYTM. He answered a few questions about the work over at APhotoEditor.

- If you’re in San Francisco next month, you can check out 1197, an iPhoneography and Mobile Photography Conference. Laughing Squid blog has more details.

- Joerg Colberg releases the winners of CPC 2011 over at Conscientious.

- Shutterbugs is new an internet-broadcast comedy series. Check it out over here.

- Canon Rumors talks about the Powershot S100.

- And because you care, Lindsay Lohan threw a drink on a photographer for taking her picture.

Last week’s ESPN the Magazine has a style page on Atlanta Hawks player Joe Johnson. Yvonne Boyd shot the photos and took a minute to tell us how it went down.

Tell me how you got this assignment?

Well, I had shot a few jobs in the past with Runner’s World Magazine and one of the photo editors I worked with there had moved to ESPN. So when the shoot came up in Atlanta I got the call because I had worked with this particular editor in the past. It was a rush job. Got the call Friday end of day and we shot Saturday evening.

Did you get much direction from the magazine?

On this shoot I did get good direction. The writer flew in from LA and was there for the shoot which was great because we were able to make sure the story and the images fit together.

Are you an sports fan? How much research did you do on Joe before the shoot?

I am a sports fan. I’m from Pennsylvania and a big Philadelphia fan. (and yes, Joe agreed Dr. J was an amazing player) I did as much research as I had time for on Joe. I was familiar with how good of a player he is, made sure I knew something about his stats, previous injuries, etc. Also, where he was from, where he went to school, the basics.

Did you get any shots you were proud of but did not make the final edit?

We were able to do two set ups which was great. We were moving quickly though so we could shoot both of them. Most important is having good assistants who know what to do. One less thing I have to worry about especially when you are working with someone well known. Chris Carder helped me out on this.

The shoe closet was just really cool because it was all shoes, had a hardwood floor like a basketball court and had his Nike logo in the floor. He also had a hoop and mirrors all over so it looked twice as big as it was. He designed the closet himself and has a fingerprint sensor so only he can open it.

Joe was a really nice guy and actually gave us more time than I thought we would have.

Coverage of 9/11 anniversary

The 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 is right around the corner and media outlets are heavy on the coverage. However, a couple pieces have stood out and should merit some attention.

TIME has done a huge project with photographs and interviews with a diverse set of people who were affected by the attacks. The stunning images are by Marco Grob.

There is also a good video by photojournalist Thomas Franklin, whose image of firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero was nominated for a Pulitzer, interviewing news photographers who were at the scene on 9/11.

Photo Round-up [Labor Day edition]

Burning Man 2007
- Burning Man, the epic celebration of sculpture, performance art, and dusty nudity held annually in the Nevada desert, has enacted some serious restrictions on photography.

- Thinking about new ink? Leica would like you to consider them for your next tattoo.

- PDN muses about the effectiveness of the Art Institute chain.

- ThePhotoWork lists the 10 best photography magazines.

- On the sixth anniversary of Katrina, The Stranger posts a video of Richard Misrach talking about photographing New Orleans after the hurricane.

- Stanley Greene was one of five winners of the editorial Getty Images Grants. He talks to the British Journal of Photography about his work and why he still shoots film.

- The interview with Massimo Gammacurta on the evolution of his candy shoots is a good read over at APE.

DragonCon 2011 Incredible Costumes
- Plenty of DragonCon pics are up on Flickr. Browse all 49,000+ here.

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