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Zach Wolfe’s new site

One of Atlanta’s most prolific music shooters, Zach Wolfe, just redid his website.

The site utilizes cleanliness and isn’t afraid to show big photos at high resolution. He also put up some of the music videos he’s shot in the past couple of years.

Zach’s got a new twitter feed, which is quiet at the moment. Follow him and maybe he’ll drop us some tidbits soon.

Photo Round-up

Quiet times as of late, but summer is ending soon, (well, not here in the South, but in other places) so maybe photo talk is around the corner.

- Rob has been doing this for several weeks now, but his Daily Edit feature on APhotoEditor is a cool little notice on great magazine photography.

- PDN Online says the lawsuit over Vampire Weekend’s album cover has been dismissed.

- NYT talks about Twitter’s controversial partnership with Twitpic.

- Speaking of the NYT, they have interesting story about a Chinese filmmaker who has gone from government scourge to government friend.

- The UK recently banned retouched ads of Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington Burns.

- And as the dust in the UK settles after last week’s riots, a surge of photography and video has been discussed. Photos here and here and video here and here.

Aquadettes from California is a place. on Vimeo.

- California is a Place’s new video on the Aquadettes, is making a splash.

- Photo pilferer Shepherd Fairey took a few hits outside a nightclub in Denmark, where I guess not everyone likes his art.

Who’s Shooting the Redneck Games?

© Dustin Chambers/Creative Loafing

The annual Summer Redneck Games were held a few weeks ago in our own backyard of East Dublin, Ga. It was spawned as a witty Southern retort to the Olympic Games in 1996, and has continued on a yearly basis whilst featuring such athletic feats as the Armpit Serenade and Bobbin’ for Pigs Feet. The event seems to be a rite of passage for photographers, local or otherwise. We thought we’d list a few links from this year’s coverage.

WTJ? himself Andrew Hetherington has posted his selection of images (more on his agent’s site). Bill Frakes of Sports Illustrated was also in attendance. has Getty’s coverage. Dustin Chambers over at Creative Loafing threw up a slideshow. Also, the interestingly-named Jason Vorhees (really?) is credited with a slideshow for the Macon Telegraph. If anyone else has a good crop, let us know…

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