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Studio Rental Special

Right now, we’ve got a great combo deal running for anyone who’s in need of a location and equipment. If you rent our studio for the day, you get 20% off any rental gear we’ve got!

Vintage unit photography

This has already made the rounds, but a new find for us: Old behind the scenes photos from classic films.

And and if haven’t glanced at it yet, TIME has a cool gallery of old Jaws photos as well.

Photo Round-up

San Diego Credit Union – Director’s Cut from Chris Stanford on Vimeo.

- Esteemed local boy Chris Stanford posted his newest commercial for the San Diego Credit Union.

- Peter Lippmann’s interesting interpretation of classic paintings mixed with high-end heels is drawing a lot of interest.

- APhotoEditor chats with Vince Laforet about the future of stills and video.

- PDN Pulse has a recap of last week’s beloved LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph.

- We’re digging Greg Miller’s new business cards.

- Everyone’s favorite Irishman Andrew Hetherington acts as steward for’s Photographers at Work.

- ACP Now reports that longtime Cabbagetown documentarian Oraien Catledge was awarded the 2011 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award.

- The Online Photographer lists Eight Ways to Preserve Your Pictures.

- There is still time to apply for the photo/video position at the downtown legal newspaper, the Daily Report.

German photographer Peter Langenhahn creates dazzling sports photo collages. Using as many as 3,000 images, he combines them in post to make a singe shot.

Chip Simone’s “The Resonant Image”

The Resonant Image, Chip Simone’s new exhibition opens this Friday at the High Museum of Art. The longtime street photographer, who switched just over a decade ago to the dark side of digital color, has over 60 images in this new show. The Atlanta-based Simone will be in attendance on Saturday to talk about his work at 2pm, which is free to anyone who purchases a regular ticket.

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