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Photo Round-up

Darren’s Great Big Camera from SULTAN on Vimeo.

- San Francisco photographer Darren Samuelson built a 14×36 camera and lugged the thing out to the wilderness. Nothing like some overkill DIY to make us all feel lazy.

- Atlanta photographer Mary Anne Mitchell is featured over at Burn Magazine.

- Jordan Matter discusses how to shoot your first book cover in 15 minutes.

- The Magnum project, Postcards from America is almost finished. Check it out as they wrap up the two-week tour.

- A street shooter talks about why he switched from digital to film. Read it and weep 5D junkies!

- The British Journal of Photography has an interview with Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn.

- The Rapture date came and went yesterday without an appearance from the big man himself. In honor of another missed apocalypse, here’s some Bad Art of the Rapture.

Bill Cunningham film

Bill Cunningham New York is a documentary about The New York Times fashion photographer. The film has finally reached Atlanta and is playing at Landmark in Midtown.

The film has positive reviews and Cunningham is a pleasure to listen to. If you haven’t heard of him, here’s a multimedia piece to give you an idea of his passion.

Photo Round-up

NYPHA 2011 Winning entry – teaser from New York Photo Festival on Vimeo.

- Winners in the New York Photo Festival were announced. You can some of the entries in the video above.

- Even though TV camera crews were struggling over the availability of Sony discs, Nikon says the earthquake in Japan did not affect its camera market in the states.

- Photoshelter writes 14 Ways Photographers Can Screw Up an Email.

- Andrew Hetherington has a fun dissection and outtake reel of his recent shoot for Wired.

- APhotoEditor talks about TwitPic’s plan to profit off your images.

- Photo geeks continue their arguments over the Fuji X100 and Leica X1 over at Leica News & Rumors.

Represent in Print

There’s quite a slew of local photographer’s work floating around the country right now. Alex Martinez in Vibe, David Banks & Kendrick Brinson in The Fader, Andrew Kornylak in Outside, Christopher Martin, Joe Martinez and countless others in Atlanta Mag, plus Quantrell Colbert’s Madea posters [above] are plastered up from here to LA. Below are a few other names you might recognize:

Chris Stanford in ESPN. Zach Wolfe in XXL

Emily Followill in Garden & Gun.

Yvonne Boyd in Wired.

Sara Hanna in Jezebel.

And Atlanta native/NYC creative guy Jason Fulford has an illustration in this week’s TIME.

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