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Nels Israelson for The Green Lantern

Some of the artwork for The Green Lantern has been popping up and with all the Ryan Reynolds sightings around town we thought it would be a good time to checkout Nels Israelson, who rented a ton of Profoto gear from us and shot these in Louisiana a couple months ago.

Reynolds, who is filming The Change Up now in Atlanta and was just next door at Ambient for a magazine cover shoot, plays the classic DC Comics superhero. Hopefully some more images will be released as we get closer to June, the films’ release date. Don’t forget to check out Nels’ site, which has some great movie promo work from the last few years.

Here’s a nice profile Apple did on Nels a while back.

Snow coverage

As the city enters a second day of shut down, we thought it time to sample some of the recent images that the winter storm has produced.

- Pictures from the AJC here, here, here, & here.

- Flickr groups Snowmageddon and Atlanta snow.

- Snow time lapses

- CNN staff and ireporters.

- Luke Thornton decided to recreate the opening scene on Planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back in his backyard.

- and of course, don’t forget to buy your “I survived Hothlanta” t-shirt.

Photo Round-up

Idiot with a Tripod from The Mutiny Company on Vimeo.

- “Idiot with a Tripod”, a short video depicting the heavy snowfall in New York has been creating some noise after photographer Jamie Stuart sent it to Roger Ebert and Ebert stated he thought the piece deserved the Academy Award for best live-action short.

- Macon Telegraph photographer Woody Marshall was attacked after a press conference at Macon City Hall. The attacker, Malik Brown was arrested and has since posted bail but given no reason for the outburst.

- Alec Soth discusses how he approaches strangers to take their picture.

- The Arts Clayton Gallery in Jonesboro is exhibiting a retrospective of juried winners over the past 10 years, including its photography. The show runs through Jan. 28.

- photo-eye selects the best photobooks of 2010. Picks include Soth, Jason Fulford, and Taryn Simon.

- Platon discusses how he entered Burma and was able to photograph Suu Kyi for TIME.

- The work of the late Vivian Maier is getting a lot of press even though many of her images are more than 50 years old. Negatives from Chicago nanny have been released after an eBay entrepreneur bought them at an auction and is giving them new life online and in a gallery show.

- Photo District News has a nice gaggle of best of lists for the year.

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