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Last roll of Kodachrome

© Steve Hebert/NYT

It really makes some of us feel old every time there’s another story about the slow (and painful) of film, but this one has some nice touches for such a short story. The New York Times writes about the last rolls of Kodachrome ever to be processed at Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas.

Photo Round-up

- The AJC has posted its best images of the year. There are also sublinks where you can view each staff photographer’s choice of their favorite images with commentary.

- Plenty of other news outlets have also published their best images of the year. Our favorites include The Denver Post & The Washington Post.

- Martin Parr discusses holidays and photography at PhotoRadar.

- The winner of this years’ mother-of-all links award goes to Photoshelter, who compiled their favorite blog posts of the last 12 months.

- The NYT’s Fred Conrad recently went on a Santa Safari.

Fortune behind the scenes from Dan Saelinger on Vimeo.

- And in the spirit of Christmas, Dan Saelinger has been blowing things up for Fortune magazine.

Represent in Print

Some recently seen images: David Walter Banks photographed Miss Ann and her famous burger stand for the NYT, an Imke Lass portrait in The Atlantic, and Chris Rank with a shot appearing in the GQ year-ender. Last but not least, many people have noticed Liz Von Hoene’s holiday campaign for Target is popping up everywhere.

Lowden Holiday Party

It was good to see so many people at Scott’s annual holiday party last Saturday. Lots of laughs/drinks and plenty of shop talk. Pictures from his photo booth are up if anyone is curious what they looked like that night. If you see Scott around town, make sure to thank him for his continual effort into this awesome shindig.

Photo Round-up

Put More Business in Your Photo Business from on Vimeo.

- Allen Murabayashi of Photoshelter composed a new video entitled “Put More Business in Your Photo Business.”

- writes that that the law doesn’t have much leverage against creepy people (& paparazzi) who try to capture upskirt pictures.

© Ernest Sisto/The New York Times

- NYT lens blog has some nice historical images of Santa Claus.

- A Photo Editor muses about clients visiting a shoot via webcams.

- And because some photographers rival Star Wars fans in terms of weird obsessions, here’s some guy’s rendition of what a Leica M10 would look like.

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