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Photo Round-up

- Damon Winter used his iPhone to record the daily lives of soldiers in Afghanistan.

- has updated its site and database. If you’re a photo assistant looking for work, this is another venue for you to sell yourself to potential photogs.

- A 1955 print taken by Richard Avedon sold in Paris for 7.5 million.

- Prince William has announced a zero tolerance policy for photographers trying to capture him with his fiance, Kate Middleton.

- Into Canadian Football? Ryan Enn Hughes has portraits of some of their most fervent fans.

The President’s Photographer on PBS

PBS is airing a new documentary tonight at 8pm entitled The President’s Photographer: 50 Years in the Oval Office. The show presents the history of the photogs whose sole job it was to capture the day-to-day life of the American president, as well as spends considerable time with Pete Souza, who is Obama’s current photographer. The doc sounds like great insight into an important and overlooked record of our presidents’ lives.

Photo Round-up

- Winners in the annual College Photographer of the Year contest were announced with plenty of representation from southern heavyweight schools Western Kentucky and North Carolina.

- Jess Dudley, of Wonderful Machine, has a detailed post about a product photography estimate over at A Photo Editor.

- Donate $25 to ACP between now and Dec. 17th, and get some cool schwag.

- Reuters news agency has already posted a review of its top photos of the year, complete with photographer commentary.

- Four photographers, including Atlanta’s Kendrick Brinson, describe the pros and cons of using social media over at Photoshelter.

Represent in Print

A quick glance at the magazine rack found Savannah-based Imke Lass shots spread over the pages of Inc., as well as plenty of local boys and girls in our own Atlanta magazine. Longtime contributor Greg Miller was no exception:

Some of you emailed in and let me know about others who have some nice tearsheets, including Josh Meister in Go and Kendrick Brinson in The Fader. If you have snaps of the spreads or know of other nice published work, drop me a line. [[white35chocolate[at]yahoo[dot]com]]

Tim Barber’s Nike campaign

Nike Sportswear: Bridgerunners from Antenna Magazine on Vimeo.

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