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“John Dee Holeman” © Jimmy Williams

- The annual ACP Porfolio Walk is tonight at Grady High School starting at 5:30. The event features 52 artists, including the above photographer, and you can purchase prints if see something that strikes your fancy.

- Timothy Devine has a sweet group shot in the new issue of New York mag. Rachel Hulin asks him how he pulled it off.

- A new photo group has formed, Facing Change, which touts itself as “a non-profit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers coming together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future.”

- Ever shell out a ton of money for a photo book? Nazraeli is counting on you after it announced a new series called Six by Six, where a limited number of 100 books will resale for about $750 each.

- And lastly, everyone and their mother seems to love expressing their frustrations via the xtranormal animated cartoons. Above is the latest video making the rounds.

4am Project

Feel like getting up early and taking some pictures this weekend? How about staying up late drinking and getting avant garde? Either way, there’s a photo contest coming up with your name on it. The 4AM Project is soliciting for good images taken anywhere in the world very late Saturday or very early Sunday, depending on how you want to look at it. Grab some inspirational beverages, a couple friends, and make this city look distinguished and classy, or at least as best as possible at 4am.

Friday round up

FLUX Impressions 2010 from on Vimeo.

Here’s your weekly dose of links making news in the photo world:

For those of you lucky enough to find parking, FLUX jammed-packed Castleberry Hill with visual flair. [see above]

The New York Times apologized for staged news photos taken at MoMA taken by a veteran staffer.

A Photo Editor talks about the pros/cons about paying to meet photography bigwigs.

iPhone users have twice as much sex as Android users.

The deadline for the local Idea Capital grant is next week.

Some photogs are giving the Canon S95 point-n-shoot a serious look.

Plus: There’s a slew of ACP events going on… a big auction at King Plow tonight, Parish Kohanim lecture on Sat. and to ease your photo hangover, Anton Corbijn’s film, The American is still playing in Atlanta theatres.


© 2009 Adam Davila

For those of you who got crazy the past two years at Le Flash in Castleberry Hill, prepare to rejuvenate your cerebral senses with Flux. The show, which has served as a somewhat unofficial kickoff for ACP,  is tough to put into words but if you’re a fan of art + photography + taking it to the streets, then this is the shindig for you.

The birthing begins at 8pm and officially concludes at 2am. It should be a good time and those in search of refreshment need look no farther than No Mas and our favorite watering hole, Elliot Street Pub. You can also check out a video or two showing the making of Flux projects. We’ll see you there.

Flux Film 003 | Weathersby from Proper Medium on Vimeo.

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