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Taryn Simon’s Contraband

A few years back, Taryn Simon was part of a pretty damn good gallery show at the High Museum. Her latest project had her photographing illegal things being brought into JFK airport.

The exhibit opens in Los Angeles at the Gagosian Gallery on Sept. 22. With any luck, it will make its way around south.

Jim Wright for Men’s Journal

Jim Wright came through town a little while back and grabbed some gear on his way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to photograph Brett Favre for Men’s Journal. The issue just hits newstands this week and Jim’s images grace the cover and the inside where Favre is profiled.

Jim rented some gear from us and hooked local super assistant Chris Pinel, who was kind enough to give some insight into the shoot:

I drove a van full of gear from Atlanta down to Hattiesburg where I met Jim Wright and his crew, Jim Moy and Jason Goodrich, the evening before the shoot.  We discussed the set-ups and amount of time allowed with Brett. Our call time was 6:30 am in order to get to the location and start working at 7am. We only had Brett for 2 hours starting at 9am. The first set was an elaborate white set inside the gym of the high school we were shooting. The second was more or less a run and gun type of deal, on the football field, depending on time and weather. We had an octabank and a couple of beauty dishes on stand-by.

The crew were all from NYC, so it took a minute to get a feel for how they do things. The joking started immediately, but we worked well together. My basic duties consisted of finding and running power, building octabanks and various soft boxes, putting up a white seamless, and adjusting power on the packs. We ended up taping down a ton of cords as there were many children with their parents wandering around.

The only problems we had were dealing with sun light and weather, and the issue of time. The clouds rolled in so we scraped much of the ideas for outside and Jim shot a lot of available light. Brett only had two hours but probably gave us two and a half.

There was a problem during one of the shots where the kids surrounded Brett to tackle him and the whole pile of them went down in a heap. One of the boys seemed to take most of the weight and got shaken up. He was fine after a few minutes breather as well as some consoling from Mr. Favre. Besides that, nothing too stressful.

The white set was pretty elaborate, but I am finding out that everyone has their own system. Again, outside was more run and gun. Jim shot with available light then we rolled in the octabank and used some reflectors. The second shot was more rushed as time was running out, but it seemed Jim was getting into it more and capturing some great moments.

I probably talked with his agent, Bus Cook, more then I did to Brett, but we said a few words. I wore a Falcons t-shirt to the job in hopes to spark a conversation. This is where I seemed to get some attention from Bus. We talked about how Brett was traded to Green Bay and how at the time it was a good move for everyone. Brett talked about age, family, how talented some of his teammates are, and his love for 80′s R&B music. He spent a good amount of time talking to the kids and the coach of the local high school. He’s a good guy and I hope he comes back. You hear all the stories that the media spits out, but when you meet the man and see how he is, it is easy to root for him.

The best thing I remember was listening to the crew do impressions of Sylvester Stallone. They had just worked with him and were spot on mimicking the way he spoke. They had me laughing about it all the way back to Atlanta.

The kids were fun and one of the coolest moments was Brett walking off the field and throwing a 30 yard bomb that some kid snatched out of the air. Everyone was all smiles and I must say I was a bit jealous. It ended up being a great job, one that I won’t soon forget.

Busy times

There has been a flurry of activity around the Atlanta area this month. Several advertising shoots have come through as well as plenty of film and editorial productions. Names like Yang, Mandler, Bush, Streiber, and Ecclesine have been hard at work down south creating some work that hopefully we’ll be able to showcase soon.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled, because this might be the only time you see this van not in motion. If you do happen to spot it, give us a friendly honk or a wave. It’s welcome change from the usual scowls we get while dodging Atlanta traffic!

Redneck Games

During a excursion to East Dublin, Georgia this weekend, we happened to run into several photographers at the annual Redneck Games. One of whom was our own Chris Carder, who was doing an editorial assignment for an Asian magazine.

Chris promised he would update us all with some tearsheets and a full report on his work details upon publication. No word yet on what kind of soap he used to cleanse himself afterwards.

Friday marks the opening of a new show at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Atlanta artist Shana Robbins will debut Supernatural Conductor and New York artist Amy Myers will exhibit Feminine Space. Click here to find out all the details.

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